I am new at working on the commpres.com website which utilizes OpenChurch and I've run into an issue that I'd love some help with.

I am attempting to configure the cron that comes installed in Drupal 7.15. I have located the cron key in the Status Report, but every time I try to access this page, I receive a "403 Forbidden" error. I've tried a few different computers, operating systems and browsers, but all have the same error message.

My initial problem (which led to this) was that I cannot change how often cron runs (Configuration --> Cron --> "Run cron every"). I change it from "Never" to "1 day" and click "Save configuration". When the page refreshes, it says "The configuration options have been saved.", but when this refreshed page comes up, the frequency has already reverted to "Never".

I appreciate any help anyone could offer. :)


After doing some more research, it looks as though we have to add the cron key somewhere. I am at a great lose as to where I need to do this. Maybe this would fix the issue?


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Project: Poormanscron » OpenChurch
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I am guessing this is a setting with our host. I will take a look

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Status: Active » Closed (fixed)

This was an Aegir related issue with our hosting, closing

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Update: Where do I input cron key