I installed Commerce Kickstart just fine in a multisite installation. Then I wiped one of the sites by deleting everything in its sites/NAME folder and emptying its database of all tables. I figured that doing so would allow me to re-install cleanly.

Indeed, the installer launched when I visited the site. However, the Requirements screen gave me the following error:

Error     Chosen JavaScript file     Unavailable
Place chosen.jquery.min.js or chosen.jquery.js in sites/all/libraries/chosen/chosen.

A freshly uncompressed Commerce Kickstart 2.0 both of those files at profiles/commerce_kickstart/libraries/chosen/chosen. However, my (used and abused) installation doesn't: The directory at profiles/commerce_kickstart/libraries/chosen is empty!

Copying that directory from a freshly uncompressed Commerce Kickstart fixed the problem. But the question remains: Why did it disappear in the first place?

Possible clue: I'm just learning git, and this is the first site I'm managing with it. It's possible that I did something weird in git to delete this directory. (I doubt it, though.)

So: Steps to reproduce:

  1. Create a multisite CK installation with at least two sites.
  2. Delete the database and files for one of the sites (in sites/NAME)
  3. Revisit the (now-deleted) site in a browser.
  4. Get the installation screen, which fails at the "Requirements" step

Good luck!

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O.K., that's just weird: Now the library just seemed to disappear randomly while I was poking around. (I was configuring an Omega-derived theme.) See the screen shot.

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I am getting the same error message on a single-site installation on Pantheon (which I believe uses Pressflow). I originally thought it was because I had moved the libraries directory to sites/all (the documentation said I could move modules so I moved libraries and themes as well) but I appear to be having the same problem as tgeller — the libraries/chosen directory in my local git repo contains the necessary files, but on the Pantheon server, the folder is empty. I used SFTP to re-add the files (Git believes they're still there so wouldn't re-add them) and the installation proceeded successfully. But it does seem like something is causing the chosen library to disappear.

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The following libraries were also missing on my site: jQuery bxSlider, jQuery Expander, jQuery UI Spinner, and SelectNav.js. I've SFTPed them up to Pantheon also. It's of course possible that I had a different problem that's not related to Kickstart (Git pushing only partial contents of the libraries folder without any error message?). But since part of my problem matches tgeller's report it seems like it could be the same problem. I'll report if any of the libraries mysteriously disappear, since I know they're all there now.

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I have the same requirement problem during Kickstart install on just 2 of many Kickstart sites on non-Patheon hosting.

Things that did not satisfy the library requirement in admin/reports/status, but did during install:

  • Putting Chosen library in sites/all/libraries
  • updating the Chosen module in profiles/commerce_kickstart/modules/contrib to 7.x-2.x-dev
  • Updating Libraries module to latest dev
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Is everyone having this problem using Git? I figured out my problem. See the issue above (http://drupal.org/node/1873148#comment-6953256) for more info.