It would be nice if the module can check for syndication status from YouTube api and provide a warning that the video cannot be syndicated. Syndication can be disabled for many reasons. What could concern the user here is if syndication is turned off completely or is restricted due to site's domain. An extra option in settings can be not allowing videos that can't be syndicated at all. This can prevent adding any YouTube videos to the library if they cant be syndicated.


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Component: Miscellaneous » User interface

Possibly needs to be a user interface issue.

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Component: User interface » Code

This is a good suggestion. I'd like to look more into what "syndication" means -- if it were that the videos should not be embedded, YouTube would just disallow embedding. Or are non-syndicatable videos the ones that give the "embedding has been disabled for this video -- please watch on YouTube" message when you play them?

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Yes syndication is embedding and/or playing on mobile devices. But the main concern here is embedding in websites. YouTube api returns embedding information as per this YouTube blog post. Some videos have embedding disabled completely while other have embedding allowed/denied per website domain.