When using media browser YouTube tab, and searching for a video, all search results are added to my files library and not just the video I picked.


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Title: YouTube search adds all results to library » YouTube search adds results thumbnail images to library

Turns out that what's added to the library are the thumbnail images from the search result. They are all added as files of type "Image" in my library.

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Same thing in two of my sites.
Besides, a thumbnail of my videos is added to my library, even if I don't use the Youtube tab to search video. It was not happening before; prior to switching to dev branch no thumbnail was added to my library.

I'm sorry for the poor english.

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That's funny, you two are having an issue with the exact feature I was researching to implement.

I find having many YouTube files on a page is slow because each thumbnail has to be queried from youtube. My preference would be to acquire the thumbnail and host it locally for faster display.

But of course getting thumbnails from every video you search for might not be optimal.

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Yes, the problem is that for people using Media to manage a reusable media library a lot of content is getting added without their approval. We could create a separate cache directory just for YouTube searched thumbs, but...


The YouTube search tab isn't something that I'm interested in pursuing development on, although I'm happy to add bug fixes. I don't really see a gain that's proportional to the amount of dev time put in compared to opening up a new page/tab and searching on YouTube. Just because we can doesn't mean we should.

My plan when I have an extra week to catch up on M:YT and M:V is to pull the search out into a sub module, and abandon development on it. If anyone is using it and would like to take ownership, please send me a message.


OK, news update over, Back to the issue.