Thanks for the great work guys. It makes Drupal very modular and allows to create reusable components.
I'm not quite sure if that functionality should be provided by File Entity but wondering about awesomeness of mapping selected fields to HTML data- attributes. That would allow site admins to associate some metadata or flow-control data with HTML referring to resources.

An example could be a caption. The caption usually is a constant field assigned to some image or video, but sometimes it's required to be different or hidden. It actually means that sometimes a caption should be treated as a part of content, not a part of entity. Implementing captions as HTML5 data- attributes might be a way to achieve that. Once media file is referenced in a content, it can create copy of some fields and attributize the resulting HTML code. From that moment what happends with it is in hands of other (formatting/filtering) modules or JavaScript routines, that can utilize the data to do some things (e.g. add/display captions).

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s/an image caption/a caption/

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Yes, this is the direction that the Entity Embed module is taking.

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