I've found that in ie8 the logo will display full size. I was going to just resize the logo as it doesn't actually need to be responsive in my theme. But I was wondering whether this is a won't fix as I know I could find a way to do it through a custom ie stylesheet.



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Category: bug » feature
Status: Active » Closed (won't fix)

Correct, this is a won't fix.

IE8 does very badly with flexible images (max width 100% method), there are a number of rather nasty bugs such as images not appearing at all in some versions of IE8.

You can add this yourself, but the core theme no longer does this (7.x-2.x did support this, I removed after a large number of bug reports indicating this was not a good strategy).

I seriously question the point of IE8 needing to be responsive, its not used by any mobile devices.