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This organization is a Drupal services provider.

Texas Creative is a full-service marketing communications firm with the experience, integrity and forward-looking attitude needed for today’s economy.

Our services span a large array of marketing related categories.

  • Identity
  • Design
  • Advertising
  • Interactive
  • Events
  • Campaigns

Drupal Specific Services

We design, architect, and build Drupal sites of varying degrees of difficulty, from simple brochure sites to complex Drupal Commerce sites with deep integrations with 3rd party payment processors, shippers, inventory managers, etc. Our clients receive Drupal sites that are simple to manage and consistent in their behavior while at the same time cutting-edge in their user interface design.

We build custom modules as needed on a project but prefer to use existing projects and make improvements to them that can be contributed back to the respective project.

Most of our sites are responsive or adaptive designs, built using the latest in web technologies and standards such at HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, SASS, Compass.

Example Drupal Sites

Drupal contributions

Sponsored Contributed Modules:
Commerce Periship
MyNewsletterBuilder Webform
Update Extended
TinyPNG On Upload

Contributed Patches:
Meta tags quick

Our Developer Team:
Art Williams, artis, Director of Technology, Senior Developer
Jaime Contreras, jcontreras, Web Developer
Andrew Goss, andrewleegoss, Web Developer
Marcus Harrison, marcusattxc, Web Designer
artis, has been found helping users in IRC (artiswilliams) #drupal, #drupal-support, & #drupal-commerce and has a long history participating in the community prior to joining Texas Creative.
andrewleegoss, marcusastxc, & jcontreras are all experienced web professionals.

Projects supported

Block Exclude Pages, Update Extended, Webform Smart IP, Formstack