The action "Save PDF to file" doesn't work with included views. When I look the view at the browser, it's working fine. But when I try to save the pdf to a file, the included view (PDF View) isn't generated. I try to create a PDF for invoices and need the included view for the order items.


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I have been experiencing a similar problem. I have setup rules to save the PDF to the server using the specified view, the PDF is generated using the specified template but contains none of the fields. I am using Global Views field to include another view within the PDF When going directly to pdf link using the views display path it works beautifully.

About to test it on my local server to see if it is a permissions problem. Also going to remove the global views field to see if that is the issue.

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Testing on Localhost resulted in:

Views Global View field removed - no change.
I removed the views argument [node:nid] from the save pdf rule - resulted in blank pdf as expected.
placed [node:nid] argument back in and I am recieving only 2 fields in the PDF.

Note I am also using the Relationships filter for some field collections fields within the view.

Is it possible that the Save to PDF rule is picking up the relationship? If so how would I reference this in the Save to PDF rule?

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i have 2 included views in the last dev and they work on a saved pdf by rules.

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