There is an issue with the way that views exports strings for translation #1521236: Views does not include strings in the menu definition in exported translatables which means that tabs created with views do not get included in the list of translated strings and are not translated with localizations of this module.

Ideally this would be fixed upstream, but this may take some time. The tabs stick out like a sore thumb on a translated site. It should be possible to extract the strings from the views definitions and add them to i18n strings definitions.


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Title: Tab names not translated » Translate tab names
Category: bug » feature

If this is an issue in Views, then it's not a bug but rather a request to work-around a Views issue.

Just doing a bit of triage, not coding, so can't say whether this will happen.

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i18nviews solves this issue. I was thinking that we could put a hook_requirements warning in when internationalization is enabled and i18nviews is not enabled.

Does this sound like a reasonable solution?

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I honestly have no idea. I have barely touched Drupal since last Spring. There are other maintainers taking care of the module, now, but I try to help when I can and was just trying to do a little triage on the issue queue.