I've moved to your latest dev version as a I was experiencing major problems with the duplication of unlimited fields when using field collection on content types.

The new dev version appears to fixed all the associated duplication problems with the exception that I am still experiencing the problem on field types that are 'Long Text - Text area (multiple rows)' and set to 'unlimited' values (see 'ANY ADDITIONAL MAIN NOTES' on my screen shot). Basically, on saving the content types, I always get another blank 'Long Text' field type appear. Please note it does not keep reproducing more blank long text field types on every save. It only ever has the 1. So for example if I typed some info into the text area on save it would then add a new blank text area after this one. If however I did not add any new information it would just show the original blank text area i.e. it would not keep adding blank text areas of every save where no additional information was added (I hope this makes sense).

Thank you


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There is an option in the field settings to change this behaviour. It is a checkbox labelled "Hide blank items."

It may have been added after this issue was opened.

Hope this helps.

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Automatically closed - issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.