Does anybody successfully authenticate against AD global catalog? I've got the following configuration:

LDAP server:
LDAP port:
Binding Method:
Service Account Bind
Base DNs for LDAP users:
AuthName attribute:

The module successfully authenticate users, which are members of parent domain called "service", but LDAP search can't find any user from "otherdomain", which is connected to parent domain inside AD domain forest. I´m able to test LDAP search using ldp.exe and using this tool I can find any user from any domain.

Also, there is the following error message in the Drupal watchdog:

ldap_search() function error. LDAP Error: Referral, ldap_search() parameters: ldap_search() call: base_dn: DC=otherdomain,DC=mydomain,DC=com, filter = (, attributes: , attrsonly = 0, sizelimit = 0, timelimit = 0, deref = , scope = 3

Any help will be greatly appreciated.


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Reading the error message - it seems as if the global catalog sends you LDAP referrals - which ldap module currently can't handle.

You could try to apply the patch I just uploaded - to enable the support for this -

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