Here is the Writing .info files (Drupal 7.x) article where it is suggested that:

name (Required)

The displayed name of your module, which will appear on the Modules page. Since module names are proper names, it should be capitalized as a proper name (e.g., "Really Neat Widget", not "really neat widget" or "Really neat widget"), and it should be a human-readable name (not really_neat_widget). If your module name includes an acronym (CSS, WYSIWYG, UI, etc.) or a third-party trade name (jQuery, JavaScript), of course follow the standard capitalization for those.

name = Really Neat Widget


- In the above article excerpt, I intentionally emphasized the part that dictates how module/theme names should be written.
- The standard used to dictate that Sentence case should be used, but has changed to suggest that we use Proper Name Case instead: #1346158: Decide on coding standard for capitalization of module names [policy, no patch]

Here's a related issue filed against Coder's issue queue: #1103208: Projects' names should be checked in .info files for correct capitalization.

Currently, in core we do not follow this standard, so we do not set a good example and simply seem to be preaching and not actually doing. Here's what we have in the modules page (leaving out most single-word named modules):

Configuration manager (should be "Configuration Manager")
Contextual Links
Database Logging
Entity Translation
Field SQL Storage ("SQL" is perfectly fine here, since it is an acronym)
Field UI (same as above for "UI")
OpenID (3rd party trade name, so ok as well)
PHP Filter
RESTful web services (should be "RESTful Web Services")
Update Manager
Views UI

#5 drupal_proper_caps-1868930-5.patch741 bytesnathangervais
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Reminder/Note to self:

After we make sure we follow the standard we've set in core, we should take care of capitalization issues in d.o too (but these should go in separate issues against d.o - don't have the time to file them now, but don't want to forget about it). Some of these are:

- project names
- should it be "Drupal core" as it currently stands, or "Drupal Core" instead? For example: the page we're in right now has a tab that says "Drupal Core", but the issue queue says "Issues for Drupal core".
- the create new issue page has a "Create Issue" title, but we have "Edit comment". It should be "Create issue" instead.
- the action links in the queue page, right bellow the page title are: "Create a new issue", "Advanced search", "Statistics" and "E-mail notifications". We also have "Logged in as [username]", "Log out" and "Refine your search", but OTOH we have "Drupal Homepage", "Your Dashboard", "Get Started", "Download & Extend"/"Download & Extend Home".
- "Add Your Issues to dashboard" ???
- These links too: "Dashboard", "Your Posts", "Your Commits", "Your Issues", "Your Projects", "Profile"

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Totally +1 on the proposal in the OP. :)

It took us long enough to reach an agreement on the Coder issue linked in the OP ;) it's about time that core demonstrates good standards. :)

Note: I wasn't able to make sense of #1 and it seems unrelated to this issue.

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Title: Ensure proper capitalization is used throughout the UI. » Ensure proper capitalization is used throughout the UI
Issue tags: +patch needed, +Novice

Issue #1954032: Proper capitalization in the project name has been marked a duplicate of this.

Some of these were handled in: #1430452: Use Proper Name Case for core modules

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Issue tags: -patch needed

Active status (kind of) means the same as patch needed.
We have experimented with a "needs initial patch" tag for issues where a clear resolution is defined and discussion is not still required.. But anyway. This looks like a good novice issue and I agree the next step is to get a patch started.

For a novice thinking about trying this, an initial patch can tackle just one module and can be expanded as we go.

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Status: Active » Needs review
741 bytes
PASSED: [[SimpleTest]]: [MySQL] 55,613 pass(es). View

Here's a patch that resolves the Configuration Management and Restful Web Services caps issues mentioned in the initial comment.

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Status: Needs review » Reviewed & tested by the community

I believe that these changes here are no-brainer one-liners. We will never catch everything because using the proper case is a mater of habit - lots of people will get it wrong in various places. We should commit these and re-open this issue as we find more places where corrections need to be made.

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Status: Reviewed & tested by the community » Fixed

Committed 7b76e91 and pushed to 8.x. Thanks!

Automatically closed -- issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.

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