Rich text editing is removed on all fields if a condition applied on any.


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I can reproduce this issue, and happened to me in the following scenario:

I have a field collection on the content type:

which has 2 fields,

I set a conditions here, to show field_last once there is something in field_first.

It works great,

Now, we needed a second field_collection, a clone of the last one, that would appear separated from the first one (therefore unlimited setting is out of the solution).
So, I create:

And I import the same fields that I used at the other field_collection_1:

I set the conditions the same way, and wallaaa, when I'm trying to create a node that uses those two field_collections, breaks jquery and ckeditor along.

My guess is that is having problems with "different" field collections, having the same exact name for the fields... and I see that if I create different field names (not reusing) inside the field_collection_2, this problem doesn't happen.

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if you update to the latest dev version it works! I am using wysiwyg 7.x-2.2+54-dev and CKEditor I am using JQuery update to 1.8 version too.


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This is still broken in the latest dev. It also breaks the display of the GMap module too.

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I encountered this bug and was able to get things working by updating to the latest dev versions of Conditional Fields and WYSIWYG as well as updating CKEditor to version 4.4.7:

  • Conditional Fields commit #12ab0cb0e0660278b2a9e330aae2f13b97c8459e
  • WYSIWYG commit #4efd47771a7fce77eb0364c747e3c76a6a65c460
  • CKEditor 4.4.7
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