I'm not sure why hyperlinks—or anchor (A) tags, to make this issue more findable—are stripped from XLS exports, but I for one need them preserved. If they really need to be strippable", I think it should be an option on the Views display.

Related issue: #1224894: Add an option to not strip tags from CSV export

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Unfortunately, I don't have time at the moment to add a configuration option, so here's a quick patch that just removes the behavior across the board.

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I suppose I should let the test bot do its thing, even if the patch isn't intended to be committed in its current form.

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As Drupal 6 nears the end of its life and support period, the 6.x version of Views Data Export will not be supported either. To that end, this issue has been closed, and will not be resolved in the 6.x branch of Views Data Export.

If this issue is still relevant to 7.x branch of Views Data Export, then please re-open and move to a relevant 7.x version.