I've just downloaded jquery_update-7.x-2.x-dev.tar.gz in an attempt to get jq 1.6 or better - but the Modules page is listing an alpha version.

name = jQuery Update
description = Update jQuery and jQuery UI to a more recent version.
package = User interface
core = 7.x
files[] = jquery_update.module
files[] = jquery_update.install

configure = admin/config/development/jquery_update

; Information added by drupal.org packaging script on 2012-09-28
version = "7.x-2.3-alpha1+0-dev"
core = "7.x"
project = "jquery_update"
datestamp = "1348792748"

What code do I =actually have here?

Also there's no menu item at /admin/config/development that's supposed to give me access to the module's settings - any help on that appreciated.


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