sorry if this is covered elsewhere, but is there any work being done to support the YouTube Upload Widget?

it is a fairly straightforward upload-and-preview method for users to get videos to youtube. what is nice (and fairly unique) is that it also allows a user to record a video from their webcam as well. for this reason, i think it would be great to allow something like user-generated "video comments" etc.

i am considering "video comments" on a drupal site i will be working on in 2013, and it seems like this module would be the place for this to live. any thoughts?



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This would be great as a submodule of Media: YouTube, or as it's own project that integrates with it. I personally won't be working on this functionality (plenty of backlogged issues to get through and then port to Vimeo first, when I have time), but patches and collaboration are very welcome.

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I am adding this functionality to my media recorder sandbox project (currently applying for full project status) here:

It's working okay on my local machine, once I have all the kinks worked out I will commit it. Basically it checks if media_youtube is installed, and then offers to record using youtube as an alternate option. It then save the video using the youtube stream wrapper.

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I've removed this functionality from the media_recorder module. If I was to add it to media_youtube as a patch, where would the best place to put it be? Under the media browser Youtube tab as a fieldset? Something else?

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I would love to see this implementation, could you post your patch here kenianbei?

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I don't have a patch yet, still waiting for feedback on how best to implement. I don't have a lot of time so I'm hoping to get some help with the UI aspect. The coding is pretty easy since I had an implementation in code already (in the media_recorder project).

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At the end of next month I will probably be releasing a stable version of the Media: Youtube upload module. Most of it is allready done, but media integration I'm still working on. If you are willing to test the module for me that would be great.

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Very cool, will do!