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The documentation says:

Requests that the overlay overlay closes when the page is displayed.

The sentence should be:

Requests that the overlay closes when the page is displayed.

Alternatively, it could be:

Requests the overlay closes when the page is displayed.

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I think we need the word "that" in there actually. The patch's wording does not make sense to me.

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It makes sense in the same way "She requests you are in time." does. (We could debate using the subjunctive mood, as it is a request.)

Looking at what the NOAD says, I would think that is not necessary, in this case.

The word that can be omitted in standard English where it introduces a subordinate clause, as in "she said (that) she was satisfied." That can also be dropped in a relative clause where it is the object of the clause, as in "the book (that) I've just written." That, however, is obligatory when it is the subject of the relative clause, as in "the company that employs Jack."

In "requests that the overlay closes when the page is displayed," "the overlay closes when the page is displayed" is a subordinate clause, in the same way "she was satisfied" is in "she said she was satisfied."

Anyway, this is the patch that uses that.

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I don't know about NOAD, but without "that" the documentation doesn't make any sense to me (and I'm a native speaker of American English). "She said she was satisfied" does make sense to me and sounds natural, but the docs example doesn't work. Sometimes grammar rules just don't get the whole picture of a living language as it actually is, alas!

Anyway, that patch works for me. Thanks!

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Committed and pushed to 8.x and 7.x. Thanks!

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