In the default month view, the style settings for fields ("Customize field HTML" etc.) don't seem to be applied to multi day events, but only to single day ones. Maybe I just overlooked some setting for this, in this case please tell me where I can change this.


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Can anybody confirm or fix this?

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This is a real thorn in my side too! Two resources that helped me:

Drupal 7 Views Module Tutorial 5 of 10: Theming Views

Tutorial - How to Style An Event Calendar in Drupal 7Tutorial - How to Style An Event Calendar in Drupal 7

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Has anyone found a workaround or fix for this?

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The output isn't getting wrapped in the field/label wrappers - so this is a bug. A workaround is to rewrite the output and add your tags there.

So go to the field you need the styling on and go to the 'rewrite results' option and add your tag and then the replacement in the Text box - for example:

Works pretty well and I hope that is what you are looking for...

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Hi Bartmann. Yes, I saw this workaround and it's helpful (thanks) but it's not perfect. The style settings feature replaces spaces in token replacements with hyphens and the rewrite feature preserves the spaces. And of course in CSS a space between elements is interpreted as a division between two elements.

So for a field that has more than one value (such as multiple taxonomy terms), the style feature would render <div class="[field_term"><p>[field_title]</p></div> as <div class="Green-Apples-Ruby-Grapefruit"><p>Title field text</p></div>.

Whereas the rewrite feature would render it as either <div class="Green Apples, Ruby Grapefruit"><p>Title field text</p></div> or (if you use a hyphen separator instead) as <div class="Green Apples-Ruby Grapefruit"><p>Title field text</p></div>. The comma and the hyphen, in this case, can become a problem in CSS for different reasons.