Hi folks, just a tip in case you are getting this error (as shown in the title). There are several causes for this error but one I don't think I've seen but solved is file permissons.

Today, a fellow attendee at #drupalsprint London wanted to try out Panopoly but got stuck at the FTP stage of the install with the error message
"Cannot connect to FTP Server, check settings"

We check his ftp settings - his local ftp server was running and he was able to connect to it via the ftp command at the command line but we still had this error within the Panopoly install.

The solution was his file permissions, I provided a crude blanket solution to remedy (he might want to refine it later for security when he uploads the site onto a production server)

cd path_to_his_drupal_docroot
chmod -R g+w,u+w,o+w *
chmod -R g+r,u+r,o+r *

This makes all of his Drupal files readable and writeable by any user. This got him going, but as I say, he would want to refine the settings, i.e. restrict access to certain files for security reasons once his site is on a production site.

I would note that the "Cannot connect to FTP Server, check settings" gave us no clue about the root cause, so maybe it would be helpful to enhance this part of the Panopoly install, cheers!


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There appears to be no way to designate that you want the "Direct" version of App Install, and if you run into this error, the system gets stuck. (can't go backward or forward).

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Title: [SOLVED]"Cannot connect to FTP Server, check settings" with ftp server running » "Cannot connect to FTP Server, check settings" with ftp server running
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Title: "Cannot connect to FTP Server, check settings" with ftp server running » "Cannot connect to FTP Server, check settings" with ftp server running - Confusing UI
Project: Panopoly » Apps
Version: 7.x-1.0-rc3 » 7.x-1.x-dev
Component: Install » Documentation

I agree this is confusing and moving to the Apps queue to deal with. The basic problem here is that FTP is the default option and if you don't have write access, it forces you to the FTP screen.

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I am having a similar problem, not sure if it is really fully the same, but defenitely completely stuck, not just not forward or backward, even new installs seem to inherit the problem. The first install went smooth and well until I wanted to "unpublish" the apps graphics, as to not appear in the image choices, which I found rather invasive. But it seems Apps got angry or something.
Since then I only receive the "unable to connect" error. As said, also with a new install, and another new install under a subdomain.
Then I saw something about FTP and permissions too, but indeed confusing, as always in Drupal.
So unfortunately another project lost :(

Case is here: https://drupal.org/node/2115971

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removed unrelated url

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I had same issue and resolved it by giving full permissions to files folder,

sudo chmod -R 777 sites/default/files/

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Thanks amitgoyal in #5 - that's better as it's a more focused solution than my original blanked full permissions.

However, I'm concerned that any solution that's based on setting full permissions (including my own solution!) is a security risk.

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Just went to setup Panopoly as well, clicked on "FTP" knowing there was no local FTP (just to test.) If FTP fails there is no way to move backwards or skip.

Would be extremely useful if there was a "Skip the step" on FTP failure, or any type of connection failure.