I copied the print.tpl.php from Print module to my subtheme's templates/ directory, flushed cache etc but when I visit the print friendly page or create the PDF *no* CSS is applied and the HTML isn't the one from print.tpl.php

If I enable Zen as the default theme, put print.tpl.php in its templates/ folder and visit the printer friendly page it works - styles are applied and the HTML is the one from print.tpl.php.

So it seems something is wrong with my subtheme. What could be the problem?


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I disabled the Context module and the submodules (UI and layouts), then enabled it again and it started working. It must have interfered with the hook calling the template.

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After some time I returned to print PDF and I got the same bug again.

It disappeared after I disabled Context layout module. I enabled it and it's working again. I'll have to test more to see which side causes the problems, probably it's my layout settings in theme .info.

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Automatically closed -- issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.