I try to export a view into a doc. So far the export works without mistakes but the resulting document (doc) shows the fields of my view within a table that has an extra column for each field. That's not what I expected when exporting my data (written text). For me it would be perfect to get the same as what my view shows. For that reason I would prefer an option that lets me show the fields in different rows and not in different columns.



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Same request here. I have to change the page format (less margin around the content).

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Links above work a treat for creating a more usable Word doc. I think the question in this case was more about the view producing the content as a table, row by row, rather than following the format as specified in the Page view of the same content (eg 'Unformatted list'). One solution would be to exclude all fields from the Data export view, and then lay them out as you would like them in a 'Global: custom text' field, which is the only one you display to the Data export view.