For some reason, when I enable Views data export module in Modules menu, I can't access Configuration menu any more. When I click Configuration or visit /admin/config, I get this error:

PDOException: SQLSTATE[42601]: Syntax error: 7 ERROR: syntax error at or near "WHERE" LINE 1: SHOW VARIABLES WHERE variable_name = 'max_allowed_packet' ^: SHOW VARIABLES WHERE variable_name = :name; Array ( [:name] => max_allowed_packet ) in views_data_export_requirements() (line 130 of /***DIRECTORIES_CENSORED***/sites/all/modules/views_data_export/views_data_export.install).

Other DB and Drupal information:
- Drupal is using PostgreSQL 8.4.9 as it's main DB.
- Drupal version is 7.14.
- PHP version 5.3.14

I should also note, that Views, and Export functionality is functioning properly (I tried to export custom User data, and it worked really well), the only issue is that I can't access Configuration menu.

If you need more info, you can contact me, I'll be glad to give you more info.


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Problem is SQL command "SHOW VARIABLES..." which is not inplemented in PostgreSQL and is specific to MySQL.

It's important to delete or connect this section in file views_data_export.install in PostgreSQL.

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Status: Active » Closed (duplicate)

This has been fixed in the current dev version.

#1690438: Fix MySQL-specific code in views_data_export_requirements