I use Chosen for a vocabulary of music genres. Several genres have multiple parent genres.

Terms that have two parents appear two times when added to the Chosen-box, and if using ajax, it's not possible to delete them. I guess it's because it tries to delete one of them, and then on page reload discovers the other one, and then adds both again.

Also, for some terms - i'm not sure why - i simply cant delete dem. When hitting the X-button on the term, the term dissappears, but when the page reloads, it appears in the box again.

There must be some depth-bug somewhere. The "reduce duplicates"-function in Views does not change anything.

I hope this makes sense. :)

/ Jonas

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This sounds pretty odd. I tested this, creating some random terms in a vocabulary and then giving one of them multiple parents. It only got showen once in the multple select list, and added onece. I also was able to remove it again. Could you please try this again with the latest dev version? If this still appears to be a problem we have to check this again.

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Okay I've got it. You can have multiple parents, which results in diffrent relations. So the term "CD" can eiter be part of "Jazz > CD" or "Blues > CD". I think we should address this in the following issue: #2051133: Option to show item hierarchy in every item from the list(select)