I have requested this earlier occasion too
I see that now you have changed the work experience time period looks like label
if we use views accordion for work experience this can be implemented in very simple way without custom coding in fact one can use any field as label using views accordion
there is another advantage of views accordion module
the list of experiences can be very long and resume will look awkward with scroll bar
only work experiences are changed(edited) normally.if you can implement views accordion only for the work experience field collection it will be good .
Could you please consider this request


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we don't plan to implement views accordion into recruiter at the moment. what about adding this as an optional extension module?

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I don't know what that "optional extension module" mean ,
our purpose is to shorten the length of the resume view .and select and edit the work experience easily

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it just means that you can create a separate module to integrate views accordion.

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