Hi, thx for reading my question!
Is it possible to set the default value to count down 30 days in the future? I mean, when the user submits his article, I want to have automatically a countdown of 30 days on the published node, without the user having to select the date.
I use drupal 7.17 and Views. I tried several 'things' in .module and .js, but nothing works and obviously (since I'm not that good in php) I'm doing something very wrong!


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sure you can set a default value in the date field or can use a hook_form_alter to set an specific value. (or hook_field_attach_form) - this is not part of this module.

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Thank you for your reply!

set a default value in the date field : yes, i know you can set the default date in the field settings, but suppose I select now in the default setting a date 30 days from now, January 11, won't an article submitted in 3 days also count down to 11 january (instead of January 14)? or does it just add up?

on the other hand, firstly, i get the error
Notice: A non well formed numeric value encountered in field_countdown_field_widget_form() (regel 56 van ..../sites/all/modules/field_countdown/field_countdown.module).
when i try to select the date in the field setting (30 days from now) and it defaults back to 1970-01-01 1:33
so, when trying for a new article, the date field displays 1970-01-01