I do not understand when two features share 'tag','text filters' etc show conflict.why thy can reside side by side or why they cant share?
use case:
I install a distro which has some features and i pick up features from another distro and try to install.
if 'tag' or 'text filters' are used in both of them then features show a conflict


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Only one defination of something can be active, else it won't know which one to use.

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These are the cases:
either one is already active
or both are inactive in any case it should not be problem
if one is active then it should take precedence and the other one should be ignored and added

makes sense?

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The enabled one does take precedence. It does not have the logic to determine to allow enabling a conflicting module and knowing the newly enabled one does whatever in case of conflicts. That's not how the system was designed.

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