hello and thanks :)
sorry for my english...

i was organizing the management menu to be able to add in the products set the list of products that we can add, to make faster the process (not to have to click on to add product and then select the product to add).

before the change, when you go to add a product, the link that a product has in the overlay is: http://example.com/admin/commerce/products/add/name_of_product
while, if you change as i did, the menu item (i cant change the url) has http://example.com/admin/commerce/products/add/name_of_product

that it will not be a problem if the vertical tabs with additional settings (like author, collection, etc) didnt disappear and the form formating breaks a bit (things are not organized the same)...

i am creating manually a menu item for each product to resolve this.
thanks for your hard work :)


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You're accessing the add form for commerce_product, not for the node.
That's why you're not seeing the usual elements (and if you save, the result won't show anywhere).
You need to link to the correct node/add pages (that create the product display node, and inside, the matching commerce_product), just like Kickstart does by default (when you click on "Add product" it takes you to node/add.)

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hello @bojanz

first sorry because last night i was tired and i mistake and explain bad :)

the menu item created automatically by kickstart in management menu: http://example.com/admin/commerce/products/add/name_of_product

the menu item that i created in management menu for been able to see additional settings: http://example.com/node/add/name_of_product

so, my feature request is: if you can make automatic redirect o change the url that is created programatelly for next versions.
i ask that because if a user moves the items that founds in the management menu, will have to make it manually :)

thanks a lot for your hard work and support.

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I think you may be experiencing a duplicate of this issue http://drupal.org/node/1835558

Look for two views that conflict with the same path. The problem is that Commerce Kickstart does not actually
disable/override the old view.

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Sure it does

 * Implements hook_views_default_views_alter().
function commerce_backoffice_product_views_default_views_alter(&$views) {
  // Disable the default product listing.
  if (isset($views['commerce_products'])) {
    $views['commerce_products']->disabled = TRUE;
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thanks @bojanz :)

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We don't clearly understand your request here, I'm postponing the issue for now.

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Category: feature » support
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@jsacksick i change it to support request and fixed because @bojanz answer solved my problem and i understand why it comes.
thanks for your attention

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Automatically closed -- issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.