Release info

Created by: longwave
Created on: December 11, 2012 - 17:35
Last updated: December 19, 2013 - 00:14
Core compatibility: 6.x
Release type: New features, Bug fixes

Release notes

New features since 6.x-2.10:

  • #1828290 by pcorbett, longwave: Allow tokens in sender field for checkout notifications.
  • #791028: Added node and product tokens to stock threshold mail.
  • #791028: Added product title to default stock threshold mail body.
  • #1846232: Added CSS ID to order panes on admin order edit page.
  • #1320344: Added receipt ID as a return value from uc_payment_enter().
  • #1615754: Added alt tags to credit card icons.
  • #1464054: Add condition to check role being granted.

Bug fixes since 6.x-2.10:

  • #1266824: Fix notices on failed WPP payment.
  • #1856706: Fixed undefined variable: phone in uc_paypal_wps_form().
  • #942158: Fixed double encoding and undefined index notices in credit card admin pages.
  • #1069590: Simplify site-logo token generation, improves compatibility with Domain Access.
  • #383330: Fixed CCK image field errors when image field is set to single image and a new product class is created.
  • #1854598: Fixed undefined variables in uc_payment_get_details().
  • #1854596: Fixed undefined property: stdClass::$payment_method in uc_credit_order().
  • #1387768: Fixed authorize-only transactions in CyberSource.
  • #1744386 by TR, longwave: Finland CIF file didn't have ISO 3166 zones.
  • #1257488 by PieterDC, longwave: Fixed translation of shipping quote settings when i18n is installed.
  • Fixed notice: Undefined index: title in _uc_order_panes_summarize().
  • #1653310: Fixed credit card data corruption when editing orders with credit card debug mode disabled.
  • #1606440: Fixed catalog block highlighting for products when catalog URLs contain special characters.
  • #1837876: Fixed consistent submit button handlers on cart form.
  • #1740994: Fixed undefined index notices in uc_quote_order().
  • #1834470: Fixed continue shopping admin summary link and text.
  • #1479190: Fixed verification of payment gateway SSL certificates.
  • #1798484: Fixed miscalculation of product kit discounts when total price field is used.
  • #1535634: Fixed warning on return from PayPal WPS when not using HTTPS.
  • #1730626: Fixed incorrect error message at checkout if uc_credit.key contains whitespace.
  • #911350 by Offlein, rickmanelius, anrikun: Improve performance in uc_roles_cron().
  • #1780880: Remove broken support for editablefields module.

plus numerous other coding standards, test, documentation and other minor fixes.