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MD5: 3995c2453144623eb88d67e900a2dcec
SHA-1: 71d029bb75d3a10f8276bb105d97c9913f5a3925
SHA-256: 6be6d250da07cc61cfb95bed5bfcf74df5cd45217b044a7168c0c09f5c3811ad
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MD5: 50097a455f3bd65d02a33240d18d4bca
SHA-1: 88e5d524c3dc7e5cb17c1c1460a2925ee3291d37
SHA-256: 99bd7161fd795ff270ffe474f792ea1013248df61cffc36e5e0f0132f9ea3de7

Release info

Created by: longwave
Created on: December 11, 2012 - 17:35
Last updated: December 11, 2012 - 17:39
Core compatibility: 7.x
Release type: New features, Bug fixes

Release notes

New features since 7.x-3.2:

  • #1373236 by wodenx, longwave: Allow multiple modules to react on checkout Ajax events.
  • #420980: Added 'free order' payment method to skip payment details when order total is $0.
  • #1258982: Added optional 'empty cart' button to cart page.
  • #1502774: Added option to use the same address for billing and delivery by default at checkout.
  • #436684 by longwave, betz: Allow translation of attribute names, labels, help text and option values.
  • #1847146: Added [uc_order:mail] token for use with Views Bulk Operations send e-mail action.
  • #791028 by mitrpaka, longwave: Added node and product tokens to stock threshold mail.
  • #791028: Added product title to default stock threshold mail body.
  • #1846232: Added CSS ID to order panes on admin order edit page.
  • Added hook_uc_order_actions_alter().
  • #1828596 by betz, longwave: Converted attribute adjustment form to use dynamic queries, allowing other modules to adjust it.
  • #1840764 by zyxware, longwave: Added hook_uc_authorizenet_transaction_alter().
  • #1320344: Added receipt ID as a return value from uc_payment_enter().
  • #1615754: Added alt tags to credit card icons.
  • #1576894: Added default parameter to uc_cart_empty() to specify current cart.
  • #1565484: Added Views relationships for ordered product nodes and orders.

Bug fixes since 7.x-3.2:

  • #1858690 by DanZ, longwave: Fixed strict warning: Only variables should be passed by reference in uc_order_create_form().
  • Follow CSS Lint recommendation to not specify units for zero values.
  • #1855986: Remove broken and unused payment gateway select feature.
  • #1393000: Fixed product report may not show all SKUs.
  • #1855770: Hide 'print invoice' button when printing.
  • #1854692 by juan.brein, DanZ: Fixed warning: Illegal string offset '#value' in uc_attribute_option_form_validate().
  • #1387768: Fixed authorize-only transactions in CyberSource.
  • #1822582: Removed 'close window' button from invoice page, as it is not always a popup.
  • #1602202: Converts CVV popup to HTML5 and adds charset meta tag.
  • #1839168: Improves reliability when vocabulary already exists while reinstalling Catalog module.
  • #1606440: Fixed catalog block highlighting for products when catalog URLs contain special characters.
  • #1837876: Fixed consistent submit button handlers on cart form.
  • #1843474: Fixed stock token listing on stock notification config page when token module is installed.
  • #184347: Stock tokens not shown on stock notifications admin page.
  • #1833152: Fixed order status is outdated in emails when bulk updating order status with Rules.
  • #1840260: Fixed default cart quantity field for new product kits.
  • #1833812 by DanZ, longwave: Fixed static cache when changing machine name of product content types.
  • #1831900: Fixed handling of machine name changes for product content types.
  • #1479190: Fixed verification of payment gateway SSL certificates.
  • #1684266: Removed AS keyword in SQL statements for compatibility with Oracle.
  • #1800626: Fixed inability to submit previewed comments on products with add to cart form displayed.
  • #1551130: Fixed Notice: Undefined index: cc_number in uc_payment_method_credit().
  • #1535634: Fixed warning on return from PayPal WPS when not using HTTPS.
  • #1785434: Fixed 'foreign keys' declarations in hook_schema() implementations.
  • #1413372: Admin order shipping method not set and order data reset when shipping quote applied to order.
  • #1377540: Fixed Strict warning: Only variables should be passed by reference in uc_payment_form_uc_cart_checkout_review_form_alter().
  • #1730626: Fixed incorrect error message at checkout if uc_credit.key contains whitespace.
  • #721412: Fixed Rules condition: Order has a product with a particular attribute option.
  • #911350 by Offlein, rickmanelius, anrikun: Improve performance in uc_roles_cron().
  • #1744386: Finland CIF file didn't have ISO 3166 zones.
  • #1471372: Inconsistent markup on product node pages.
  • #1780904: Notice: Undefined index: quote in uc_quote_method_settings().
  • Followup to issue #1298550: Use constants instead of magic numbers.
  • #1780880: Remove broken support for editablefields module.
  • #1782568: Incorrect order listing link on sales reports.

plus numerous other coding standards, test, documentation and other minor fixes.