I report it as a bug, because of the lack of consistency that it brings.

Someone already reported it but I can't manage to find the issue back.

Content -> Noun
Structure -> Noun
Appearance -> Noun
People -> Noun
Extend -> Verb
Configuration -> Noun
Reports -> Noun

It makes the process of reading the administration links non straightforward. The original issue describes this better than me. I think we should rename it to "Extensions".

In the mean time, why not consider renaming the modules/ folder to extensions/ ?


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It's about "extend" drupal, not about the actual noun "extensions" as we still will call modules modules everywhere.

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When I click on "Extend" I get a list of all extensions, so it seems natural to click on "Extensions" instead to see the actual list.

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This is a duplicate of the issue in comment #3.

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