Follow-up of #1447736: Adopt Guzzle library to replace drupal_http_request(), quoting myself:

Another thing, SimpletestHttpRequestSubscriber is currently added by CoreBundle, but it should be in simpletest.module, as @Crell already pointed out after the first patches here.

But, that means that the event will only be executed in tests that have simpletest.module enabled, which is kinda pointless ;) So we either need to keep it there or add a TestBundle or something like that? I'm not exactly sure what the point of that subscriber is, anyway, is it just for requests done by drupalPost()/drupalGet()? Another follow-up, I guess...


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Title:Decide what to do with SimpletestHttpRequestSubscriber» Improve documentation of SimpletestHttpRequestSubscriber

Sorry, I missed that.

Changing this task to add this information to the class then and also fix the coding style. We're not using @inheritdoc, for exampe.