First, i'd like to say Thank alot for release this module!,

in my site, i use this module to set access in some field at node form.
but when i used Field group multiple i get a problem, my permission is not working.

in some multiple fields, I set only admins have access to create the field, but unfortunately my users can still make the field.
for ease of description of my problem, I attach some pictures

Thanks in advance.

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I have problem persist in other site.
Where is my wrong ?

anybody have a same problem ?

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I have the same problem. Users are able to access and even edit data in a field group multiple table. A brief review of the code seems to show that the after field group multiple processes the fields, they are no longer set and hence cannot be removed by the field permissions module.

From field_group_multiple.module, line 144:

    foreach ($group->children as $field_name) {
      if (isset($element[$field_name])) unset($element[$field_name]);

Not sure how best to play nice with field permissions but maybe we should let field permissions remove the fields before processing field group multiple only sees fields the user has permissions for.

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This was fixed in the Field Group Multiple module