I am developing a website using panels everywhere and panels. I have advanced forum installed and have enabled the 'forum' page in page manager, in order to theme advanced forum with panels. I have also themed the forum topic content, through node template.

Everything seemed to be in order, until I attempted to use the tabs active topics, unanswered topics, new and updated topics. At this point in the process these pages were not caught by any of the existing variants, or any other variants I tested.

Upon further investigation it seems as though it would be very difficult to find a solution to theme these pages within panels. It is clear that these view pages exist with a dependence on tabs as part of the intended admin process. So creating a 'content pane' or 'context' breaks that dependence, the tabs are lost, and the intended functionality is changed.

Is there a way to theme these views in panels, while keeping the tab functionality?

Thanks in advance