So far, in the GUI, the "content container settings" and the "image settings" seem to accept only pixels (though this is not written). I suggest these 2 features:

  1. client-size image size adaptation, so that we could define container size in percentage of the region size, for instance "width=100%; height=auto; keep aspect ration= yes".
  2. server-side image size adaptation, for devices whose screen size is known or can be guessed, to save bandwidth for tablets and handholds. Or is this already done?

Do you know any picture rotator module providing these features?
In Dynamic display block, to get the 1st effect above, is it enough to change, in ddblock.module's lines 2340 and 2341, "px" by "%", or is it more difficult that this?


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1.) For the advanced slideshow options of the ddblock module there are some responsive slideshow themes. We will try to made more slideshow themes full responsive.

2.) Did not implement any server side image adaption yet, but surely it would be needed to lessen the bandwidth usage for mobile devices. (Any suggestions what the best practices are to implement this feature?)

I don't know if other slideshow/rotator modules already implement these features.’s picture

Thank you very much for your answer.
1) If I understand well, responsive themes are only some commercial themes, aren't they?
2) There are lessons taught by the W3C itself:
You can use mobile small detection programmes like this:
(it just says you whether the client is a mobile or not) or more sophisticated repository-based programs like AskPythia + TransPythia:
But my knowledge is very limited and out of date.

Of course the cache management (HTTP header) should be adapted if possible (but probably only Drupal core's guys can do this), with a relatively short time for XHTML files, a very long time for pictures, and a mechanism preventing the webmaster to change an image without changing its file name, or changing automatically the file name for him (so that the long-term-cached pictures would not prevent the new picture to be displayed). The idea is to produce a resized version of the picture on the fly and to get caches cache it (as well as several versions of the picture, of different sizes). In case of simple detection, you just have 2 versions of every picture: the normal, big one, and the mobile one.
The module ImageCache has been integrated in Drupal 7's core and can probably be used (Maybe it is already automatically used).

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A resposive version of this would be handy. I would like to make an old site with ddblock responsive without having to create the slideshow again with a different module.

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The theme responsive-bartik is a mobile first responsive theme. If it were possible to put just a percentage into the width field of your container and image wrappers and leave the height blank for an image to re-size proportionally this could work fine with most responsive themes. The container would be re-sized by the theme and the images would adapt.

I am not sure if this is already possible. I am installing the module a this time. I will give a percent as an answer to determine the result.

I do not believe that imagecache's different sized outputs are being used in most of the responsive theme's unless it is handled in the conditional css as image urls. Most of this would need to be hand coded.