whenever I try to send a newsletter with images the images never show. I guess its the path of the images which is something like this:

The images work perfect when previewing the newsletter, but once its sent out they do not show up.

I read the something about patching mime mail ( http://drupal.org/node/114312 ) but that did not help unfortunately.

Any help, please?


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chek header in mail functions parameters
chek it suports html or not

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Thanks for your reply!

I had to install the mimemail module to be able to style the newsletter.
I have one picture in the newsletter that is shown. Its in the head of the newsletter and has a hardcoded url like this :

The other pictures are inserted via the FCK Editor pane, when I write the newsletter, or via the insert_view module and have the urls as described above.


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For the newsletter I use the insert-view module. I've created a view that collects the latest 8 news from the page and then displays them in table view in chronological order. When I write a news with a picture in the teaser I now insert the full path into the IMCE window. I pick or upload a picture from the server and the path to that picture will be relative, something like /?q=system/files. All I have to do is put the http://www.mysite.com in front of the path and thus all pictures all displayed in the newsletter as well.
Bit of a hassle but better than rewriting everything.