There is a patch here #1826466: Merge changes from Github version into this project ( that allows us to set a fixed width/height of the modal-- sweet! But it would be also great it we could send the "max-width" and "max-height" so that we can make this mobile friendly. I would presume my hook_modal_style would look something like this?

Also, what are the possible "type" values?

function mymodule_modal_styles() {
  $styles = array();
  $styles['mystyle'] = array(
    'modalSize' => array(
      'type' => 'fixed',
      'width' => '100%',
      'height' => '100%',
      'max-width' => 800,
      'max-height' => 600,

  return $styles;


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Improved link to other case.

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Hmm, didn't notice that this issue is in the 'CTools Auto-modal' issue queue.
However, I suppose it's related to CTools, not to CTools Auto-modal.