I am attempting to use the provided [current-page:page-title] as a token in pathauto for auto-generating URLs. (Since I want the URL to be the page title, and not the title provided in the "Title" field for the node.)

However, on the first save of the page, this token seems to return "create-basic-page" as the title, and thus this becomes part of the URL. E.g., http://dev.site/content/create-basic-page

If I go in and edit the page again and re-save it, the token seems to return the correct result, and the URL is updated to the one I desire. E.g., http://dev.site/content/my-page-title

However, I can't ask my users to edit every page twice to fix the URL, so it would be good if this could be corrected :-)



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same here, any fix?