Hello from Turkey,
I have been checking commerce module, and I want to inform you about Turkish Lira currency, the international code for Turkish Lira is TRY but everyone uses as TL (Turkish Lira) the TRY is not useful. can you change the view of Turkish Lira as TL

And please note that we have founded new sign for Turkish Lira ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Turkish_lira_sign ) but this symbol is not nececerry for now, because most of people use only TL and that sign not ready for most of computers.

Thank you.


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Can you provide a few examples of full formatted Turkish prices? Or better, links to live sites?

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Hello Sir,
this is the most biggest e-commerce site of Turkey: http://www.hepsiburada.com
and this is ebay's Turkey web site: http://www.gittigidiyor.com

we use only "TL" after amount.
thank you.

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Perfect examples! Thanks. : )

I've updated the currency code array like so:

    'TRY' => array(
      'code' => 'TRY',
      'symbol' => 'TL',
      'name' => t('Turkish Lira'),
      'numeric_code' => '949',
      'thousands_separator' => '.',
      'decimal_separator' => ',',
      'symbol_placement' => 'after',
      'code_placement' => '',
      'minor_unit' => t('Kurus'),
      'major_unit' => t('Lira'),

This will format TRY price amounts like 9,99 TL and 1.499,00 TL.

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