I've modified the output of a CCK field using a field template. If I display that field in my Views display normally, I see the modified output as expected.

When I check "Exclude from display" for that field and instead include it in another field using a replacement token, I get the unmodified output.

What am I missing?


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You've probably figured out by now that "Exclude from display" has nothing to do with it. The value output by the token won't be processed by the theme layer regardless.

I take it you used "Exclude" because you are grouping more than one field? Instead of using tokens, maybe try overriding the views-view-fields.tpl.php template file and access the original field value here via the $view->result array.

It may be slightly counter intuitive, but not a bug. Same behaviour is in Drupal 7.

Let us know if you get this figured out.

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I was bumping up against a similar problem, and the comment at #1 proved very helpful. I left my overridden field template (views-view-field--myview--myfield.tpl.php) in place and then structured the fields template (views-view-fields--myview.tpl.php) as needed, simply calling the $field['myfield']->content to display the customized output of the field.