Weird issue with numbers not getting imported. I have a feed CSV importer that is pulling in quite a few fields. Most of it works fine, but six fields that contain numerical data are not getting imported. What shows instead is the default value.

The field in my content type is defined as a Float with a Text widget. I have tried several ways of formatting the CSV, but to no avail. AND I have successfully done nearly an identical import (same data, different database) in which the numbers imported fine.

The differences between that earlier import and this are:
1) I'm using Feeds Tamper on one of the tags fields.
2) It's possible that I used Excel to prepare the earlier CSV. This time I'm using OpenOffice and probably did previously since its CSVs seem less problematic.
3) This CSV includes unicode characters
4) The content type has been expanded a bit.
5) Little changes to field names.
6) I don't seem to have indicated a unique ID the first time I did this. The new one uses a guid.

I need to figure this out soon and have spent a couple of hours trying to figure it out. Anyone have ideas about what might be wrong?