In order to bring the Edit module functionality to a level that allows for us substantial interactive testing, several measures were taken in the code to paper over Toolbar issues currently under development. Most importantly, the definition of the hook_toolbar hook.

#1847198: Update the structure returned by hook_toolbar()

When the definition of hook_toolbar is established, we will be able to refactor several aspects of Edit to make the module more extensible and flexible for contrib additions.

Proposed resolution

Remove the module dependency on the toolbar module.
Remove JavaScript code in several places that address gaps in the Toolbar such as the lack of an API to hide all trays and deactivate tabs other than the one that was clicked. Blocked on #1860434: Refactor the Toolbar JavaScript to use Backbone; fix several poorly functioning behaviors.

Remaining tasks


User interface changes

TBD. Probably none.

API changes

Probably none.


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Title: Remove the toolbar dependency and toolbar-specific code from the edit module » Remove toolbar-specific code from the Edit module

The toolbar dependency was removed in #1824500-89: In-place editing for Fields (see the reasoning in #1824500-78: In-place editing for Fields, second paragraph).

That still leaves the hard part to be done though :)

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I think this was completed implicitly over at #1874664: Introduce toolbar level "Edit" mode that shows all contextual links:

  1. edit.module contains zero references to toolbar.module, and zero lines of code to deal with it
  2. instead, contextual.module now contains support for toolbar.module, but no dependency on it

There is no more need to have a view/edit mode toggle in a tray; hence this no longer applies:

lack of an API to hide all trays and deactivate tabs other than the one that was clicked

Thus, I believe this issue was addressed in its entirety.

Automatically closed -- issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.