I have a view displaying users with associated fields, like this:

John Doe 5/6/12
John Doe 5/8/12
John Doe 5/16/12
Mary Jane 5/5/12
Mary Jane 5/7/12

When I use the views_data_export module, I'm able to export this data as an xls file, which allows this data to open nicely in MS Excel.

The solution I'm looking for is to be able to group this data by user, to create unique rows with multiple columns, like this:

John Doe 5/6/12 5/8/12 5/16/12
Mary Jane 5/5/12 5/7/12

So, if a user has 20 pieces of data, then 20 columns will display next to that user with each column displaying each piece of data.


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Sorry, but there isn't a way to accomplish this in Views Data Export at the moment, you'd have to manually add all the columns that show the specific items you want to list in them.

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