when enabling color box with drush (which by the way doesn't work as per the README.txt)..
the following error is generated.

Module colorbox cannot be enabled because it depends on libraries (2.x) but 7.x-2.0 is available

Enabling via the modules page succeeds.
It seems that the dependency line in colorbox.info should probably be patched to:

-dependencies[] = libraries (2.x)
+dependencies[] = libraries (>2.0)

Not sure that's the problem, since I can enable the module via the UI. I'm moving on.


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I just tested and with Drush version 5.8 it works. Maybe a bug in an earlier version of Drush?

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Getting the same error, with drush 4.5.

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Since it seems to work in the latest Drush version (5.8) I conclude that this was a Drush bug and that it's fixed now.

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Automatically closed -- issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.

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I couldn't even get it to show in the UI with 7x-2.0, but fixing the colorbox.info as suggested did it. I could enable it via drush after that. Thanks guys!

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Title: Enabling with drush causes Module colorbox cannot be enabled because it depends on libraries (2.x) but 7.x-2.0 is availabl » Enabling with drush causes "Module colorbox cannot be enabled because it depends on libraries (2.x) but 7.x-2.0 is available"

Also experienced this. Something is weird with the Libraries branches/tags: #1939850: The latest release (7.x-2.1) is in 'detached HEAD' state. .

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Yeah I'm also getting this error, using git submodules. If you put this in the libraries.info file the error message is gone:

version = 7.x-2.1

That is simply because Drupal gets version information by parsing the info files of projects, so when there is no version information, any comparisons on the version don't work. Using git deploy the version information is handed to Drupal from the git repo, but this doesn't seem to work in every scenario. I think it makes sense to move this over to the Git Deploy project.

I don't think it has anything to do with the branch issue in libraries, because I experience this problem with libraries 2.0 as well.

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what about changing this to:

dependencies[] = libraries (>=2)

This worked for me using a git submodule version, as mentioned in #7.

Update: hrm... maybe not. If i checkout the libraries 7.x-1.0 tag, drush lets me enable the colorbox module... so i guess yeah, this really is a problem with the git deploy module's drush integration.

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-dependencies[] = libraries (2.x)
+dependencies[] = libraries (>=2.0)

fixed the same issue for me

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