Release info

Created by: DamienMcKenna
Created on: December 5, 2012 - 16:05
Last updated: December 5, 2012 - 23:05
Core compatibility: 6.x
Release type: Security update, Bug fixes

Release notes

The resolves some bugs in 6.x-1.14-beta2, improves the Dublin Core integration and includes a fix for a non-critical security issue. It is recommended to review the release notes for v6.x-1.14-beta1 and beta2 prior to upgrading from 6.x-1.13 as there are several important changes. See also SA-CONTRIB-2012-173 - Nodewords: Information disclosure

Full changelog since 6.x-1.14-beta2:

  • #1851570 by DamienMcKenna: Extended the {nodewords}.name field to varchar(128) to allow for meta tags with very long names.
  • #1850414 by DamienMcKenna: Cleaned up nodewords_metatag_from_node_content() so the code is cleaner & easier to maintain; also fixes where the strip_tags() and image alt text replacement wasn't working.
  • #1697936 by DamienMcKenna: Potential problem with URL generation due to use of hardcoded path rather than use of base_path().
  • #1751318 by DamienMcKenna: Updated the Dublin Core meta tags to use the "dcterms" prefix, to match Metatag.
  • #971428 by DamienMcKenna: Filter the node summary using check_markup() prior to other processing.