Hi, I get this error when I try to upload several files at once:

Notice: Undefined index: name en plupload_element_validate() (línea 233 de /var/www/drupal7/sites/all/modules/plupload/plupload.module).

The list of files that I tried to upload has more than 300 files. In fact, I notice that the error is raised on 333 files. With 332 or less everything is fine.

I report this error here because I has tested with different modules that use Plupload integration module and the same problem occurs.

Please help me with this. I need the freedom to upload hundreds or thousand of files at once without troubles!



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Version: 7.x-2.x-dev » 7.x-1.x-dev

I was testing this and I can confirm that this happens. It happened at 333th file to me also. I was, unfortunately, unable to find the source of the problem. Did you have any more luck?

The reason for this could also be bug of Plupload library or even some weird protocol limitation.