I'm using the Commerce Kickstart 2.0-rc4 profile.

If you're manually installing a site with Kickstart, you get an option to load demo content and products. On BOA, the install is automatic, and it always loads products. This is problematic because you cannot delete the predefined product types in the demo. There is an option to "reset" the demo, which doesn't work, because it deletes all tables and redirects to install.php, which is disabled on BOA.

So there is seemingly no way to install Kickstart without the demo content.


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It will never be possible to reset it in any Aegir based install, not just BOA, because it is totally wrong on the Commerce Kickstart side - they should use a Feature and standard tools/modules for demo content, and instead they use custom hacks, which will never work in Aegir properly - it is a known issue they are working on (I hope).

Closing as duplicate. Please check and follow-up there:

#1782800: Commerce Kickstart Reset doesn't work with Commerce Kickstart as Aegir platform

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Hi sorry to make this thread active as I found no other relevant place to ask this as it was relating to aegir/BOA

I am running BOA-2.0.9. I was wondering if it is possible that I install commerce_kickstart in a non BOA environment without demo store (saying no to demo store during install) and export its database. I then drop all the tables of the BOA's commerce install database and replace it with the database tables from non-boa install. In this we may get rid of demo store completely on BOA. Will there be any conflicts or problems.

I may be wrong or totally absurd.

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@amsri -- sounds like a workaround, but you would have to proceed with all standard site import steps and not just swap the database.