I've been pulling my hair out for 2 days now. I cannot get Corolla (using Footheme as sub-theme) to display a views slideshow for anonymous users. First here is the breakdown of my webserver:

Drupal: 7.17
MySQL: 5.1.61
PHP: 5.3.3
Adaptive Theme Core: AT Core 7.x-3.1
Corolla: Corolla 7.x-3.0-rc1
Footheme: Footheme 7.x-3.0-rc1 (sub-theme for Corolla)
jquery.cycle.all.js: Version: 2.9999.8 (26-OCT-2012) installed in '/sites/all/libraries/jquery-cycle'

I can't give you a URL as I'm behind firewall in devel lab. sorry :(

Views Block Permissions - Access: Permission | View published content

What I've tried thus far:
-flushed all caches (as always)
-rebuilt permissions (no luck)
-triple checked permissions ( I'm using 'content access' module)
-disabled 'content access module' entirely and still no luck
-verified anonymous users can view published content
-tried block in different regions

I have all of the recent 'views' modules installed and enabled including 'views slideshow, views slideshow: cycle' and all the other modules needed to work with the slideshow. I have created a custom content type (Featured Slider) and have the image fields set correctly. I created new 'Featured Slider' content and the new view which works fine within a block (for various regions) but the slideshow will only work for authenticated users within Corolla. An anonymous user can only see the first image of the view and the slideshow will not cycle through the other images. If I switch to another theme such as 'Airy Blue' the slideshow works fine for ALL roles.

I'm not getting any errors that I can find but the issue seems to be related to Corolla theme somewhere. Is there a setting in the theme that I am missing? Seems odd that the slideshow will only hang for anonymous users.

I was also successfully able to create a 'Featured Content Block' using slideshow and again it only cycles for authenticated users.

Any tips or questions would be most appreciated. Thanks


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Status: Active » Postponed (maintainer needs more info)

No URL no help. Sorry, cannot trouble shoot in the dark.

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I should add that I cannot reproduce this on my local test site, I use Views Slideshow in all my test sites and I know without doubt there is nothing in the theme that would cause this, aka, there is nothing regarding permissions in the theme.

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Thank you Jeff for your response.

It is extremely odd and it is something I can't figure out especially when slideshow works with other themes. If you haven't had any problems then I'll take your word for it. :)

Thanks again for your insight and if I figure it out I'll be sure to post back. Cheers

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Issue has been solved!

I was using 'Markup Overrides' and had the 'Remove OpenID elements' enabled in the 'Login Block Options'. Once I disabled this option then my slideshow would work correctly for anonymous users. The problem most likely resides with my settings for the OpenID and OpenID selector modules.

Thank you Jeff for confirming that the theme is sound. This alone helped me considerably to narrow down the problem and thanks for developing such a great theme. :)


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Wow, crazy issue, I am definitely going to look into that. Thanks for the feedback, much appreciated.

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I have the same problem but couldn't sort it out yet , I disabled string over ride and toke many other actions but still stoked here

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I am facing similar issue. I have a slideshow implemented through views. Following is the configuration details.

1. I have slides as content type and created slide content with images.
2. Taxonomy list is build and it is configured with these slide contents.
3. This taxonomy ID is given as the contextual filter to views.

This slide show works fine for an anonymous user, where as for authenticated user images are not loading. I observed that slider generates dynamic divs and img tag pulls all required slide images. This image tag is missing for authenticated user. I dont know how to get back this missing image tag. Any help on this appreciated.

What i have tried so far

-flushed all caches
-rebuilt permissions
-triple checked permissions
- as the page is built as panel, checked panel selection rules and context.Nothing specific about permissions.
-verified authenticated users can view published content, as the views block settings has permissions|view published content