I guess there is a good reason for having all the Debut Apps Disabled on a fresh install

but, is there a way to quickly enable them all?

the Apps UI is clunky, takes 3 or 4 steps each app and its SLOW

perhaps a subset of common Debut Apps?

also, from a user perspective, its much more usable to have a site set-up with demo content, structure etc (a la Drupal Commerce)

I guess a new Feature or App could be created, that is ALL Enabled? another MID Enabled etc... kind of like App Profiles? not sure if Apps can be used to control other Apps like this...

anyway, a suggestion and a request


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By default in manual install many debut apps are enabled--arguably too many, see #1856638: Enable fewer apps by default. But is it the case that none are installed when installing via Drush or Aegir?

Re multiple install streams, yes, I coded this into Subfeatures but we lost this when we switched to using Apps. I've opened #1858124: Restore "streams" of features or apps at install time.

Re default or sample content, I've opened #1858094: Ship Open Outreach with feature-specific sample content.

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Status: Active » Closed (duplicate)

I think this is now covered off by other issues as linked above.