Currently, when you clone a Quiz node using the node_clone module ( it correctly clones the node, but it loses all of the associated questions. This is far from ideal because the questions are one of the primary aspects of a quiz, and thus it would be expected for the question association to be maintained when cloning a quiz.

I have attached a patch that adds support for transferring the question relationship to the cloned node when saving. In order to test this patch you will need to install the node_clone module.

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I can confirm that this provides node clone support for quiz module. this would be a very helpful patch when managing lots of quiz objects over time instead of rebuilding similar quizzes all the time.

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I found that I needed to have a small change in this patch for it to work.

I'm re-uploading the same patch with one change, adding a reset flag on the node_load. For some reason it would only return false for me withing the quiz_insert function.

$old_quiz = node_load($node->clone_from_original_nid, NULL, TRUE);
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Fix typo

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This should also be ported to 7.x-5.x. But in the meantime, the attached patch removes the added whitespace.

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Was unable to apply the patch successfully, this seems to be fixed already?

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When I have a quizz that uses random categorized questions, cloning does not keep the defined categories and related number of questions.


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Seems like @falcon is correct and it's already fixed.

@qsiraut, that seems like a separate issue. Would you mind creating a new issue?

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