I'm not sure if this is possible with module at all, but here is the idea:

My record label www.tambourhinoceros.net are using the module already for signing up new users and syncing with the drupal users but I'd really like to have a newsletter template that automatically pulls in teasers from the latest posts in a specific content type.

For example:

  • Main news item (written manually from newsletter to newsletter)
  • Blog posts (autogenerated)
  • Releases (autogenerated)
  • Videos (autogenerated)
  • Shop Arrivals (autogenerated)
  • Events (autogenerated)

Is this possible?


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You could try Mailchimp's RSS feed newsletter templates?

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+1 for mailchimp RSS to email. I do that all the time. Just setup an RSS view for the content you want then set up the mailchimp campaign to pull from there.